About LINX

The LINX Group

LINX Data Terminals, Inc., a private company headquartered at 1721 W Plano Pkwy, Ste 209, Plano, TX 75075-8600, was founded in 1977. In addition to its LINX-brand hardware and software manufacturing activities, the firm has a wholly owned subsidiary, HealthLine Solutions, Inc.

Activities of LINX Data Terminals, Inc. ("LINX")

LINX is widely acclaimed as a leading developer of intelligent, high quality, networked data collection, control and retrieval terminals, advanced application development tools and host connectivity software. LINX has structured its business operations and staffed its organization to support the global business community.

The Products of LINX

LINX terminals are application-oriented computers that have been packaged as terminals and designed to reliably perform point-of-origin data collection in industrial environments. They control processes and costs, track labor and improve profits, and gather important data needed for informed decision-making. In a variety of industries, including postal/courier, health care, airlines, electronics, automotive, textile, manufacturing, and others, LINX products are known for their unrivaled cost/performance, programmable flexibility, simple host connectivity and proven high reliability for on-line, mission critical, data collection and control applications.

Because of their application-adaptable design, rugged construction and long use lives, LINX terminals meet the data collection and control requirements of a wide range of applications in a variety of industries, including manufacturing (shop floor data collection, time and attendance reporting and labor tracking, lot tracking, inventory control, and etc.), healthcare, automotive, and many others.

LINX Product Distribution

LINX provides its products worldwide to Authorized System Integrators and Value Added Resellers, which serve a wide variety of industries and thousands of end users located in over 60 countries.

Solution Providers