Marvin D. Kline, Chairman of the Board,

LINX Data Terminals, Inc., and its subsidiary, HealthLine Solutions, Inc.

M. D. Kline founded LINX in 1977 and is the principal architect of the firm’s advanced, on-line, data collection and control products. Prior to LINX, Mr. Kline was founder and President of Maron Data Products, a computer terminal marketing organization that merged into LINX.

Previously, Mr. Kline was employed by General Telephone and Electronics as National Account Manager of terminal products. During the 1963-73 period, Mr. Kline held several engineering positions at Texas Instruments Inc., culminating as Senior Member of Technical Staff with new business development responsibilities. Mr. Kline graduated from Oklahoma State University with BS in Physics and an MS in Electrical Engineering.

John M. Hallmark, President and Chief Executive Officer and Director,

LINX Data Terminals, Inc., and its subsidiary, HealthLine Solutions, Inc.

J. M. Hallmark joined LINX in 1987 as Executive VP and a member of the Board of Directors. Previously, he was Senior Vice President, Graftek, Inc., a subsidiary of UNISYS Corporation; a mechanical CAD/CAM/CAE system developer. During the 1973-1983 period, Mr. Hallmark was Vice President of Greyhound Computer Overseas Corporation and Marketing Director of Special Programs, Greyhound Capital Corporation.

Earlier, Mr. Hallmark was a Data Systems Design Engineer with Lockheed Missiles & Space Corporation and a Senior Engineer in the Information Technology Group at General Dynamics Corporation. He has a BS degree with dual majors in Mathematics and Physics from East Central University, Ada, Oklahoma and graduate studies in physics and mathematics at Texas Christian University, Ft. Worth, TX.

Fernando Avila Aguirre, Executive VP and Director

LINX Data Terminals, Inc.

F. Avila A. joined LINX in 1989 to direct and manage all of the firm's business activities in Mexico and South America. He is now additionally responsible for all LINX business activities in Europe and the Middle East.

Previously (1985-1989), Mr. Avila was founder and President of ASISA, an EDP consulting company headquartered in Mexico City and Managing Director of Greyhound Computer de Mexico S.A. de C.V. (GCM) (1979-1984), and was responsible for all GCM business activities in Mexico and South America. Earlier, he was Commercial Director of Kronos Computacion y Teleproceso, then the largest consulting and data processing company in Mexico. He began his data processing career with Honeywell Bull in 1963 and served in sales and marketing management positions until 1973. Mr. Avila, was educated at the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

James G. Stiles, Executive VP

HealthLine Solutions, Inc.

James G. Stiles the founder of HealthLine Solutions, Inc. has overall sales and marketing responsibility for its product distribution activities. Prior to HealthLine, Mr. Stiles was National Healthcare Sales Manager for USDATA Corporation. Earlier he held sales and sales management positions with Nova Biomedical, Enterprise Systems, Inc. and the Codman Surgical Instrument Division of Johnson and Johnson earlier in his career. Mr. Stiles graduated from Saint Ambrose College, Davenport, IA, with a degree in Business and Marketing Administration with a minor in Science. He is currently a member of the Advisory Committee Board of the American Hospital Association Central Supply Association.

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