The programmable LINX III data collection and control terminals are cost-effective, rugged computers designed to collect critical data at its source. They have on-board processors and expandable non-volatile memory, which allow them to be configured and programmed to accommodate a wide variety of applications that demand error-free RS-232/485 serial network performance and connectivity.

LINX III Provides Complete Control of Communications and Network Operations

A powerful multitasking operating system performs host computer communications and host-independent network operation without using costly, dedicated devices such as hardware multiplexors, controllers, or concentrators. They can be managed and controlled from a central computer host using LINX's TopSail for Windows software.

On-Site or Remote Fault-Tolerant Networks

The LINX III terminal stands alone, or links together other LINX III terminals into a local RS-485 network, or combines them to form a large fault-tolerant networks composed of multiple sub-networks, both on-site and remote. The LINX III prevents the loss of data on the network by using a secure, error-detecting communications protocol. In the event of a host computer or server failure, or a network line failure, the LINX III terminals can continue to perform their assigned tasks without interruption.

Extensive Data Input Options and Peripheral Support

The LINX III terminals can be equipped to accept a wide variety of data input, including bar code and magnetic stripe cards, bar code wands and lasers, and scanners. The LINX III can also control standard RS-232 and RS-422 interfaced devices, such as line printers, bar code label printers, and others.

Easy Menu-Driven Configurations and Diagnostics

The LINX III data terminals conform to your application environment through a series of menus. This allows easy establishment of individual terminal characteristics, bar code types, and communications port parameters, such as baud rate and parity. Through password protection, these parameters can only be selected or modified by authorized personnel, or by the host computer. Unparalleled diagnostic capabilities are also provided through menus.

Error-Free Open System Application Development Tools

LINX Applications can be developed by programmers using LinxBASIC, a compatible subset of QuickBasic, and by non-programmers using the LINX Application Interface, a field-proven, 4GL level automated program generator, simulator, and debugger for PC compatibles that produces error-free LinxBASIC programs.

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