The programmable LINX V Data Stations were designed to reliably perform large data collection and control jobs easier and faster. They can be managed and controlled from a central location using LINX's TopSail for Windows network management and development software, making them ideal for enterprise-wide, data collection applications.

Increased Flexibility for I/O Device Control

The LINX V Data Stations can be equipped to accept a wide variety of data input, including bar code badges, magnetic stripe cards, bar code wands, lasers, scanners, and scales, while controlling standard RS-232 and RS-422 interfaced devices, such as line printers, bar code label printers, and others.

The LINX V has rugged compact construction, reliability, programmability, and the best warranty and support program in its class.

Unlimited Secure Networking

The LINX V Data Station extends the networking capabilities of the intelligent LINX line by adding direct-connect Ethernet communications. Ethernet TCP/IP and IPX-compatible communications are supported,. LINX V Data Stations have built in network and hardware diagnostics, and the LINX V's coexist on the same network as Novell.

Fault Tolerant and Cost-Effective

In the event of a host computer or server failure, or a network line failure, the LINX V Data Stations can continue to perform assigned tasks such as time and attendance, access control, shop floor data collection, machine control, and many others. They also support sub-networks of LINX III data collection and control terminals, allowing all of a user's applications to be cost-effectively performed.

Advanced Operating systems for Management Control

The flexibility and increased power of the LINX V Data Stations are controlled and focused by an advanced, downloadable (soft), multitasking operating system. This allows on-line, multi-location, updating, and enhancement of the data stations in your network from the central computer or server, without removing a single unit from its' physical location.

Error-Free Open System Application Development Tools

Applications can be developed by programmers using LinxBASIC, a compatible subset of QuickBasic, and by non-programmers using the LINX Application Interface, a field-proven, 4GL level automated program generator, simulator, and debugger for PC compatibles that produces error-free LinxBASIC programs.

Simply the Best Warranty

LINX V Data Stations have proven their reliability with thousands of stations in daily use for more than 15 years in more than 60 countries. The LINX V comes with a standard one year warranty, and up to nine years of extended warranty can be inexpensively purchased. Perhaps as important, LINX stations are fully supported by expert technical staff and a support system that facilitates rapid resolution to questions or concerns.

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